Thursday, October 02, 2008

Skills...Bike Skills

Bless John's heart... I have got to say about his patience and kindness...
So, I have fell in love with mountain biking. I have a whole new appreciation for it. I love it. Tonight John took the time to ride with me and really drive home some pointers for me on my bike. He rode behind me and at one point came up and just told me matter of fact that I need to learn to ride a bike... "skills". The great thing was he took the time to teach me. I have learned a lot since I have started a little over a year ago. Lately I have hit a wall, platue, what ever one may call it. I am starting to ride a bit harder than previous but my "skills" on a bike just aren't there. We all know what this means.... I have been taking some diggers. Basically, my bike rides me. It rides me into the nettles, blackberries, stumps, roots, and wholes. Tonight I was reminded to get my ass off the seat and get my weight behind it as well. Yeap, simple mud whole, roll right into it at a good clip, with my weight too far forward... over the handle bars I go. Nothing I can't shake off. For the rest of the ride, I put my seat way down so far that it was uncomfortable to sit on, this got me out of the saddle and moving around. Sometimes it feels really awkward to move around on my bike and sometimes I connect and it is so much fun. I am determined to learn. I think each ride I improve and with each new person I ride with will provide insight. I have fell for biking....

It was a short ride because I really wanted to watch the vice president debate that was on tonight. So, I missed the crew from work that were downtown in fear that we would miss too much of the final hour, in exchange we cruised down to one of our favorite watering wholes, Coconut Kenny's for dinner and to watch the debate. It was well worth it I must say. I feel that it was productive and well worth the time.

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